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One security guard working at an Aldi branch in Salford has been lauded for his selfless actions when a regular customer found himself short at the till.

As Louis Pierre Yonsian watched, the elderly pensioner discovered that he was unable to cover the cost of a bed-sheet. The guard, supplied by Maybank Security for the supermarket, then stepped in to pay for the gentleman’s entire shopping trip.

Manchester Evening News later reported praise from both local shoppers who saw Mr Yonsian’s good deed and the security firm. The man himself had his own simple explanation, stating that the shopper reminded him of his own father and grandfather and hoped that they would receive similar help if needed.

In less heart-warming news, the Leicester Mercury reported the strange tale of a man who assaulted three security guards and two police officers over his unhappiness with being refused sale of a hamster.

Omar Kalik attempted to purchase the animal from a Pets at Home superstore in the Beaumont Leys shopping centre. After being told by an employee that he would be able to buy it, he flew into a rage. Two security guards attempted to remove him from the shop but ended up in a struggle. Kalik then ran for the exit but was tackled by a third guard and the two crashed through a glass door, causing a slash on the guard’s arm that exposed tendons.

Police were called to arrest the man, later charging him but not before he managed to spit, kick and bite two policemen.

Finally, police chiefs and security firms are voicing concerns over miniature mobile phones that are being marketed for illegal prison use.

The Fly version of the Zanco range comes in at a tiny 2.75 inches tall, meaning that the device can be easily smuggled and hidden by prisoners. Mobile phones are one the most highly coveted items inside prisons, as individuals can maintain operations outside the walls.

Most worrying is that the Zanco phone is advertised as a ‘Boss-beater’, referencing to the body orifice security scanner chairs used to scan individuals in jails.