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“Tim and his first class security staff are a joy to work with. I am pleased to inform you that in my ten years of facility management, I have never worked with a security company more efficient, helpful, friendly and more pro-active than Stonehouse Security Solutions. Thank you boys, keep up the good work.” Colin Bishops – Magenta Services.

“Thank you Tim, the fifteen security guards you provided for our recent event in the O2 were sharp and spot-on! I would definitely use you next time.” James Solomon.

“We are very happy with the quality of services we have been providing for our building for the last five years. /your guards are very punctual, responsible and experienced. I will surely recommend you to other FM companies.” Wrap Colins Management.

“On behalf of myself, and the whole residents, I want to say thank you. Your company continues to impress us. We feel safer with you.” Magdalene.

“I have found Stonehouse security to be very professional, cautious and efficient, We feel much safer and protected since you came on board. It is amazing to find out that we no longer experience vandalism and burglaries in our facilities.” John Penford – Ascent Media.

“Thanks for responding so quickly to yesterday’s alarm activation. You saved us thousands of pounds in what would have been a colossal damage to our building.” Frederic Smith. Office manager

“Thanks for your ever excellent pro-active services. You deserve the five year extension on your contract. Keep up the good work.” Steve Brooks. Facility manager