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With a growing market in manned security services, men and women across the country join an ever increasing force consisting of a variety of guard roles. From patrolling high security business grounds to holding the rope at a bustling nightclub here’s what it takes to make a great security guard.

The first (and arguably most important) quality wanted for anyone in a position of both authority and responsibility is training. In order to properly secure any premises it’s important that the staff entrusted with it know exactly what their role entails. This includes; where to be, what to watch for, and the appropriate response to a situation. The last thing anybody wants is an entire construction site going on high alert after the local kids’ football has gone flying into the cement mixer! Of course a warning to would-be security staff, observing trespassers making off with thousands of pounds worth of goods generally requires a little more action than a disapproving look.

Another ‘must have’ for any guard, a reasonable level of fitness. It doesn’t take an extreme measure of athletic prowess to catch out a granny trying to sneak away with a packet of biscuits in her purse, but with the possibility of spending a significant portion of the working in an active role, it’s essential to keep a reasonable level of physical fitness. While a healthy body confers obvious benefits, a 2003 study by The University of Texas suggests that aerobic exercise improves brain cognition, clearly quick-thinking and perceptive security are highly sought after by potential clients.

Above all else there is one thing that not only makes the very best of the best stand out, but is also absolutely necessary to even consider a role in the security industry. An irrefutable quality that the role demands with each and every day. Simply put, 95% of the time staff won’t be chasing down trespassers, investigating disturbances, breaking apart fights, or kindly asking disgruntled customers to leave, They’ll be watching, waiting, patrolling, and protecting. So, what does it really take to make a great security guard? It is of course, Patience.