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After six gruelling days, ‘Mr Gorilla’ — otherwise known as Tom Harrison — finally completed the London Marathon. Why so long? Well, Mr Harrison’s method differed from the traditional two-legged approach. He reasoned that as he was wearing a gorilla costume, he might as well crawl on all fours like a gorilla too! For twelve hours each day, Mr Harrison crawled the entire length of the course to raise money for the Gorilla Organisation — a group that works to protect the endangered species in West Africa.

While being interviewed live by ITV near Tower Bridge, an over-zealous security guard took objection to the interview on the grounds that they were on a ‘personal estate’. Incredibly, the guard proceeded to interrupt the whole of the interview. Mr Harrison kept his cool and he and ITV pressed on with the interview regardless. ‘Mr Gorilla’ raised over £24,000 for the charity.

Another rude interruption by a poorly trained security guard took place in a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Hackney, East London. A gay couple were ushered off the premises (apparently after a fellow shopper reported them for holding hands). Thomas Rees told the media he was ‘shocked’ when the security guard asked him and his partner, Joshua Bradwell, to step outside for a ‘talk’. After recovering from the initial shock, he promptly took to Twitter to voice his anger over the incident, saying he refused to believe that ‘this would have happened to a heterosexual couple’. Sainsbury’s subsequently apologised and, determined to be most profligately generous with their £550m annual profit, offered Mr Rees a £10 shopping voucher for the inconvenience.

And lastly, two security guards who were busy filling up a cash machine at a convenience store in Burnley were violently set upon by a pair of balaclava-wearing thugs, bent upon helping themselves to the readies. The guards bravely wrested the weapons from the men and then proceeded to chase them out. The crooks took off down the street — with the courageous guards in hot pursuit. Recalling how the guards leapt quickly into action, shopkeeper Amir Khan told reporters: ‘They are heroes in my book’.