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Today we’ve got a few news stories for you around security and technology; where they work and sometimes, where they don’t. From robot security guards to Zumba flash mobs gone awry, we’ve got it all.

RoboCop AI Security Fails to Stop Stealing

Researchers from Cornell University in New York recently tried to prove that a robot guardsman could dissuade would be snafflers from taking what wasn’t theirs. To test the theory, they set up a table of ‘reserved’ food and had it watched over by a robot. What the students who wandered by didn’t know, was that the robot was fitted with a hidden camera to spot how many people paid attention to the deterrent. Disappointingly, the study showed only a 1% drop in the amount of people willing to nab some elicit snacks. Perhaps a more menacing model is in order next time!

Jeremy Kyle Guest Ejected

Jeremy Kyle is probably the closest thing England has to their very own Jerry Springer and a large chunk of the audience are probably tuning in for the heated arguments and unruly guests. This might be a little extreme for the casual observer though as a guest is hauled off by no less than three security guards while threatening a fellow guest, saying “I’ll rip your head off!”. As you can see, this guys a bit of a handful. I’m sure it’s all in a day’s work for the Jeremy Kyle staff!

Flash Mob Gets Mad at ‘Heavy Handed’ Response

A group of Zumba fanatics are furious at their treatment in an Essex shopping centre after their impromptu performance resulted in a forceful ejection by the centre’s security staff. The group of Zumba lovers, aged between 12-81, had not received permission from the shopping centre management for their performance but insist it was all in good fun and didn’t warrant this kind of response. The shopping centre, however, maintained that there was a legitimate security concern. One member of the flash mob was quoted as saying “The reaction was very heavy-handed and unnecessary.”