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You do not have to be Angelia Jolie or Brad Pitt to need wedding security! Hosting a wedding in London from the church or registry office right through to the end of the celebrations is a gigantic task, and more and more, private security guards are being called upon to guarantee that this spectacular occasion runs well without the theft of wedding gifts and money, or guest’s belongings; gate crashers, or fights due to the over consumption of flowing alcohol. Peace of mind is everything, and you want to remember this milestone and wonderful life event with joy, as do the guests. 

All services are custom-made: this is because no two weddings are the same, and the church and registry office venues as well as the celebration site can be very different and pose specific risks which need to be addressed. One very common problem is the theft of goods and gifts in guest’s cars. Unfortunately, the thieves know that everyone will be occupied inside for a set period of time, and are not likely to return to the car. As family and friends will not be lavishing the Bride and Groom with envelopes containing large amounts of cash, and other expensive gifts until at the celebration later, these are usually left in the parked cars until that time. Another security risk, in addition to this, is the large number of reports of brazen thieves actually attacking guests on their way into the reception.

Private security guards will ensure that there is a form of control at all access doors: these include the main doors, patio doors, staff and kitchen entrances. They will also be on hand to stop any potential fights breaking out, or loud unruly behavior; and immediately spot any health and safety issues, such as a wet floor, or broken glass, which would avoid any liability issues.

Our mission is to take the stress and worry out of your big day, so that you and your guests can relax and focus on what is really important. The company’s licensed security guards have been trained to pay attention to the smallest details whilst having the capacity to look happy and blend into the celebratory atmosphere. They will give you the reassurances you need to have a fabulous day that you and your family and friends will cherish forever. So have fun and leave the security headaches to us!