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Anyone unfortunate enough to have been burgled during the festive period knows that sickening feeling when presents for loved ones disappear along with the ‘comfort and joy’ at the heart of successful family get-togethers not to say the childrens’ irrepressible excitement. To reduce the odds of anything nasty happening here are a few useful Christmas security tips.

A common cause of Christmas burglaries is the partially open window through which lighting cables are often fed. Such windows are easy to steal through. Various websites suggest alternative ways to set up outdoor lights and a well-lit exterior does put off opportunistic thieves. Other deterrents involve ensuring curtains and blinds are closed at night and that doors and windows are secured (including those in your shed and garage). Strangely, many people who have alarm systems don’t use them. If you have such a system you should use it, particularly at Christmas.

If you are going away for Christmas don’t tell everyone on social media or upload photos of your latest expensive gifts. Burglars also find social media apps showing your present location useful as they know how long they have to rob your home. It is best not to make your house look empty. Timers which enable lights to come on at night make your home look occupied as does having a car parked in front of it. Hiding spare keys under flowerpots is not secure as most thieves know where spare keys are most often hidden.

Some companies will register expensive gifts providing you with window decals to warn potential burglars that your goods are traceable. It is also important that anyone you employ to house-sit is checked out if they don’t come from a reputable agency. Various websites will tell you how to do social security checks or even global background checks. Anyone you employ must be allowed to work in this country.

The main thing is to remain as vigilant in the heady days of December shopping as at any other time of year. That way you can look forward to that special family get-together. Have a wonderful Christmas.

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