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In this day and age, security has taken on a heightened level of importance. Offices are especially vulnerable to security threats and as a result, it is imperative that office buildings have a security checklist that is adhered to so as to offer optimal security to the staff and the building’s assets.

Some crucial items that should be on every building’s checklist are:

Security personnel:

The office may hire security guards to man the building by checking individuals and vehicles that come in and exit the building. Guards are also important as they can screen visitors and pick on any unusual characters or behaviors. They can also organise patrols within and around the office building when necessary.


This is paramount as it helps to identify who gets into the building, at what time and even where visitors are within the building. Thanks to affordable and available technology, office buildings now have a wide array of security and surveillance systems to choose from, depending on the office’s needs. These include CCTV cameras and alarm systems. Cameras may be placed at strategic points within and around the building to monitor movement. Alarms are also perfect as they can be set to go off in the event of an intrusion thus alerting everyone of potential threats.

Proper lighting:

This is one of the best and cheapest ways of heightening security in any office building. They help ensure that dark spots, corners, fences and even parking lots are well lit to enable security personnel and cameras to spot any unusual activities in these areas.

Designated entry and exit points:

Having well demarcated entry and exit points makes it easier to control movement. Furthermore, it should be clearly indicated where there are restricted points of entry and such areas may be limited only to staff.

Passes for visitors and staff:

This is one key way of vetting those accessing the building. Passes should be clearly illustrated and if possible, security should ensure that passes are genuine by swiping or scrutinizing them whenever there is need.

Random security checks and drills:

Random checks are important as they help to identify loopholes in the security system. These may be done by for example conducting “drills” where for instance, the alarm system may be tripped to see how fast the security personnel react.

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