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The Notting Hill Carnival is world famous and has brought fun and sparkle to tens of thousands of revellers over the years. But as with any other public event these days the Carnival is not without its security issues and this year will see security measures doubled. The reasons for this dramatic increase are that after last year’s event local residents complained about the increases in knife related and other violent crimes. 407 arrests were made during last year’s Carnival. The Carnival will be celebrating its 52nd year this August bank holiday and over two million people are expected to join in.

Carrying toy or imitation weapons in a public place is never a good idea for adults, and this is especially so in such a security-sensitive location as an airport. But a man at Stansted Airport was recently stopped because he was carrying an iPhone case that was fashioned to closely resemble the shape of a black hand gun. The case is very realistic from certain angles and could have rendered its owner liable to prosecution for offences of a public order nature. Surely this is a case of modern fashion accessories crossing the boundaries of sensibility. Police have quite understandably asked that passengers think carefully about the things they carry with them into an airport.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently declared solidarity with Nice and France following the lorry attack in Nice which killed at least 84 people. The Mayor has called for a review of security in London. The Nice attack was the first of its type to kill in Western Europe, and following the attack and as part of increased security, barriers have been erected along Whitehall and outside Parliament to prevent a terrorist attack via a bomb-carrying lorry. The review of the capital’s security will contribute to a review of preparedness against terrorist attacks to be headed by Lord Toby Harris of Haringey, and will look at what further protective and preventative measures London will need to stay safe in the near future.