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Drones, Obama and Other News

Drones and other aircraft will be banned from flying across a vast swathe of the London area from 9pm on 21 April 2016. The announcement follows the collision between a drone and aircraft at Heathrow and is in force for the duration of President Obama’s visit to the UK. Other affected areas include locations around Windsor for the Queen’s birthday celebrations, and Stansted Airport.

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Crime Hotspots in London & Other News

RedZone is a new app giving Londoners access to “virtual neighbourhood watch”. The app uses a variety of sources, including Met. police data to advise users when they are approaching crime hotspots in the city. It’s just a case of inputting a “To” and “From” point into the app for advice on the best routes to take for avoiding known areas of criminality or violence.

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Security Measures for Extraordinary Situations

Sometimes security needs come from odd sources and take extraordinary directions. Sample the following:

Nicki Minaj Goes for Venue Security Guard

Many of us recognise Nicky Minaj for her live stage performances as she belts out popular songs and her fearless attitude. But this time, she was in the news for taking dramatic steps regarding her own security. At a show in Dubai, the 33-year-old hugely popular artist was captured confiscating a phone belonging to one of the security personnel at the venue before she continued with her live performance. She hurled the phone across the stage upon realising that the bouncer was using it rather than do what he was meant to be doing: Providing security!

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Hatton Garden Sentencing & Other News

We’re only halfway through the month and already we’ve been reminded of some prime security cock-ups, past and present.

First of all, the trial of the Hatton Garden robbers. Four of the gang got seven years each, another one got six and another one a suspended sentence for concealing, converting or transferring criminal property. Brian Reader, the one they called ‘The Guv’nor’ hasn’t been sentenced yet as he’s too sick to go to court.

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Drone-Hunting Eagles & Other News

Let us start with this; London could get a team of drone-hunting eagles. These eagles have been trained to grab a quadcopter in mid-air drag it away from its original position then finally bring it to the ground. The London Metropolitan police have decided to take this initiative because drones flying close to buildings or public events could pose a threat to the safety of the public. Such drones could be used to carry explosives or cause damage infrastructure. The police are however being told to take control of the drones in exceptional circumstances such as a threat to life.

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London Robbers captured by blockbuster James Bond style ambush

A gang that planned to steal around a million pounds of jewellery from a Belgravia mansion were foiled by a police ambush that could have come straight from the pen of a James Bond movie scriptwriter. The intended victim was the fiancée of millionaire Erik Wigertz, who made his fortune in the mining and oil industry. Caught in an ingenious trap by London Metropolitan Police, the gang have been put in prison, with sentences of over twelve years.

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