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Man steals million-dollar pot of gold & other news

In an audacious recent New York raid, an opportunistic thief stole a heavy bucket of gold flakes worth over £1 million from a security van parked briefly on a busy city street. However, as investigators soon noted from the clear CCTV footage, the somewhat hapless robber struggled to carry the 39-kilogramme load – taking an hour to cover a distance that usually takes around ten minutes. The incident took place near the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan; the suspect is thought to have headed south to Florida with his cumbersome bucket of booty.

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The Kind Security Guard and Other News

One security guard working at an Aldi branch in Salford has been lauded for his selfless actions when a regular customer found himself short at the till.

As Louis Pierre Yonsian watched, the elderly pensioner discovered that he was unable to cover the cost of a bed-sheet. The guard, supplied by Maybank Security for the supermarket, then stepped in to pay for the gentleman’s entire shopping trip.

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Crime-Fighting Robots and Other News

As progress marches on we see more and more science fiction turning into science fact and the latest examples are crime fighting robots. One goes by the uncomplicated name of K5. The robot has been developed by Californian firm Knightscope. K5, also known as an Autonomous Data Machine stands five feet tall and weighs in at 300 pounds. K5 uses a 360 degree thermal camera, laser range finding, automatic number plate recognition (it can also therefore recognise faces) and weather sensors to monitor locations for unusual activities.

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Brexit, Crime, and Security

On the 23rd of June 2016 the United Kingdom voted to formally leave the European Union after more than four decades of membership.

A cross-party leave campaign, headed by de facto leaders Nigel Farage (UKIP) and Boris Johnson (Conservative), succeeded by a slim margin. Against the predictions of prestigious polling agencies and the recommendations of major, authoritative public bodies such as the IMF, the British public returned a result of 51.9% to leave with a 72.2% (eligible) turnout.

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Home Security Sins & Other News

In today’s selfie obsessed and social media driven world it seems like everybody has to broadcast their comings-and-goings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This includes letting everyone online know when it is that you’re going on holiday, with some subsequent photos of you on a beach in Mallorca, to let everyone know what you’re up to.

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Loved or Hated: Why Some Celebrities Need Extra Security

Celebrity life has its pitfalls – some of which can be hazardous to safety. Living life in the public eye means being judged, positively or negatively, by a jury of millions of strangers. Following domestic abuse accusations by estranged wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp appears to have increased his own security whilst on tour with band the Hollywood Vampires.

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Crime Festival Launched & Other News

A festival of crime? You might expect to find it in a 1950s detective story, but surely not in London? Well, think again. A group of female crime writers in London and the South East are putting together The Killer Women Festival, the first ever of its kind, in celebration of crime fiction written by women (the, 13 May 2016). The festival, which is to take place on 15 October 2016, will be held in Shoreditch Town Hall, also known as being the venue of the inquest into the murder of Mary Kelly, the last victim of Jack the Ripper, in 1888.

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