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This is the shocking figure which represents thefts in the UK’s construction site. And despite police efforts, which are subject to limited manpower and more cuts in the future, not even 10% is actually found! Research shows that some of it may be rapidly transported out of the UK in shipping containers, so your chances of getting anything that was stolen from your building site returned as extremely slim.

Security and planning needs to be any building site’s owner’s and operator’s priority if they are determined to stop and discourage the successful thieves that are in all parts of the country, even the remote areas. It has been determined that many of them are from highly experienced professional networks. It is not unusual for machines worth tens of thousands of pounds and other high priced cutting-edge equipment to be left out on an open contract site overnight.

Security guards are the most effective solution, as in most instances their presence and the bold security notification signs around the building site act as a deterrent. This enforcement should be coupled with the use of various devices such as forensic marking compounds to prove ownership. This should be done in such a way that the police can clearly distinguish it. If they are not able to, then confiscated items cannot be returned to their rightful owner. The CESAR system for the registration of construction equipment is an excellent move. There should also be an employee who is in charge of an up-to-date database with photos which identify unique features.

These methods are a plus for insurance companies and can mean a discount on the building site’s insurance policy. They have also proved very useful in having dishonest employees and contractors arrested, as well as general building site thieves. Various strategies such as the implementation of superior day and night locking systems, the use of electronic and hardware security products including ram and leg locks, immobilisation devices, and in the case of very expensive items, tracking instruments, are all part of what should be mandatory security measures taken by the building site management.