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Celebrity life has its pitfalls – some of which can be hazardous to safety. Living life in the public eye means being judged, positively or negatively, by a jury of millions of strangers. Following domestic abuse accusations by estranged wife Amber Heard, Johnny Depp appears to have increased his own security whilst on tour with band the Hollywood Vampires. The star took a speedboat to his concert in Sweden, and is reported to have been escorted by eight security guards before arriving at his hotel where he kept to himself, ordering room service and not spending time with bandmates. Although former partners Vanessa Paradis and Lori Anne Allison have denied that Depp would ever hit a woman, a restraining order now prevents him from being within 100 yards of Heard.

Perhaps Johnny Depp has good reason to fear the actions of a disapproving public and keep his security team close at hand: Petra Ecclestone’s £68 million home was subject to a petrol bomb attack which some speculate was motivated by jealousy of her lavish lifestyle. The F1 heiress has appointed more security guards at home since the attack. A petrol bomb was thrown into the courtyard of the ten bedroom home in April – thankfully the couple and their children were not home at the time. Two men were captured on CCTV fleeing the scene.

If you’re thinking that the key to safety as a celebrity is to avoid disappointing or angering the public, think again! Sometimes even love can spill over, damaging innocent bystanders. This was the experience of an H&M security guard who claims she was injured whilst attempting to keep excited David Beckham fans under control at the store’s Times Square branch. The security guard is suing over the incident in 2014, when Beckham made an appearance at the store. Unlike Depp and Ecclestone, Beckham is not the one with a problem on his hands – the security guard is suing H&M and the building owner for malfunctioning crowd control barriers, rather than suing David Beckham for being too popular. Beckham posted on Facebook before his appearance: ‘…I’m going to be at the Times Square H&M store in NYC tomorrow for a meet and greet for the first 200 people in line. Hope to see you there’. Perhaps the moral of the story is: if you invite your Facebook fans, invite some extra security too!