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A prominent school in London recently hired security guards to offer protection to pupils. This move was made after people of heinous acts mugged several pupils. The Latymer school located in Edmonton, north London, said the measure was taken to improve pupil’s security. 

According to the local MP, the drastic measure taken by the school exposed the inefficiencies of the front-line policing. She went on and said that she had made countless complaints to the borough commander. 

London School Hires Security Guards to Combat Criminals Gangs

The school headteacher, Maureen Cobbett, tried all that was within her powers to ensure that pupils were safe. One of the attempts she made to improve the security of pupils is urging parents to write to the local MP about the matter. 

Latymer school is one of the most prestigious schools in the country. The school is notable for sending a significant number of students to Cambridge, Oxford, and other outstanding universities. 

The suspects of this awful act are former pupils of the school who were permanently excluded due to mischievous behaviour. Ms. Cobbett forwarded one of the suspect’s name to the police. In addition, the criminals are also said to attack pupils from a neighbouring school known as Aylward academy. 

A spokesman of the Scotland yard acknowledged that the yard administration had received the news about the mugging taking place in the vicinity of the two schools. He went on and assured parents and pupils that police officers are carrying out patrols to ensure pupils are safe within and outside the school compound. 

The dedicated “Safer school officers” met with school heads of both schools in an attempt to shed light and propose solutions to the insecurity. A school head of one of the prominent schools in London said that they are forced to escort pupils onto their buses to make sure they are safe. 

The other good news is that officers from central teams, which consist and not limited to the Violent Crime Force, also backed up the patrols across the ward. 

According to the chief executive of the Harris federation Sir Dan Moynihan, pupils have become a target to criminals and drug dealers, and it is essential to offer them additional protection when making their way to school.