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Well as we all know, Elton John never seems to be out of the headlines and he doesn’t fail to disappoint the media pundits this week. His latest controversy involved him losing his temper once again in spectacular fashion at his latest concert in Leicester. He is currently promoting his studio album, Wonderful Crazy Night

In front of his 17,000 fans, he became so angered by the bouncers insisting that fans should not be dancing on their seats, that he shouted a mouthful of abuse at them, and then in true Elton John style, left the stage earlier than expected in a huff. Sadly this meant no encore.

In other news… we were very surprised to find that thousands of police and security guards, 90,000 in total, will be on duty in France this summer during the Tour de France and Euro 2016. With so many security threats and Charlie Hebdo fresh in all of our minds, we can only applaud the French authorities for their compassionate and caring actions towards locals and visitors alike.

In lighter news we can now all rest easy in the knowledge that we should all be living and raising a family in picturesque Cumbria. This is due to the county’s low crime rates, excellent schools and highly affordable housing. This is of course in direct contrast to London, that appeared at the bottom of the list. So it is obviously no longer ‘grim up north’. Good news for everyone.