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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they need to deal with aggressive behaviour from someone. It’s hard to pre-empt where this incident will take place, it could be at work, out on the street or anywhere else that you come into contact with people. Sometimes these incidents are expected, maybe you work for an organisation that has upset a customer to the point that they crack, or maybe you have just been unfortunate enough to run into a complete low-life who enjoys nothing more than causing trouble. No matter how the situation arises, it’s how you deal with the situation that makes the difference to the result.

Stay calm and think about your actions

Take a look at this video. You will see an excellent example of how a calm and calculated approach brings the victim of aggressive behaviour out on top. You will notice that the aggressor was intimidating the victim for some time, trying to push him to act out and respond to the attack, but the calm response left the attacker with few options and resulted in him walking away after minimal violence. We could all learn a lot from the victim in this video.



Understand the problem

Some people enter into aggression because that is their natural approach, others have been forced into this situation due to particular circumstances. Dealing with aggressive customers (as discussed in this WiKi How article) is a prime example of this situation. Although the customer is being aggressive, you need to use an approach of understanding and care in some circumstances.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Although you may try to resolve or diffuse a situation of aggression yourself, it may be that for your own safety and the safety of others, you will need to call on the help of others. Don’t leave yourself in a dangerous position, when things look like they are getting out of hand, call security, the police or any other people willing to help.