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A festival of crime? You might expect to find it in a 1950s detective story, but surely not in London? Well, think again. A group of female crime writers in London and the South East are putting together The Killer Women Festival, the first ever of its kind, in celebration of crime fiction written by women (the, 13 May 2016). The festival, which is to take place on 15 October 2016, will be held in Shoreditch Town Hall, also known as being the venue of the inquest into the murder of Mary Kelly, the last victim of Jack the Ripper, in 1888.

The Killer Women collective was formed by writer Melanie McGrath, and now boasts 18 members.

On a more chilling note, celebrity presenter Emily Maitlis of the BBC’s Newsnight revealed that for a stunning 25 years she has been stalked by schizophrenic Edward Vines, with whom she attended Cambridge university. Vines was jailed for four months in 2002 for harassment, but continues to wage a seemingly never ending campaign against Ms. Maitlis (Daily Mail, 14 May 2016). It seems that Vines developed an obsession with Ms Maitlis 25 years ago and believes that she has feelings for him which she is suppressing.

The effects of the stalking and harassment Ms Maitlis has endured have resulted in her engaging a security guard to accompany her when she goes out shopping. Ms Maitlis has two children and they are accompanied to get the bus to school by further security guards.

We rely upon our Police officers to protect us and our property, and the increasing threat of terrorists and armed attackers means we must rely on our officers to carry and if necessary use weapons. But the Police are experiencing difficulties in recruiting sufficient numbers of officers willing to carry arms (The Guardian, 15 May 2016). Apparently officers are concerned that, should they face a threat and take the decision to use their firearms against a suspect, they will be subject to years-long investigation. Police need no less than 3,000 officers to volunteer for training in the use of firearms.