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Nobody wants to feel that they are living in Fort Knox, but none of us wants to fall prey to thieves, especially in our own homes. In addition to the benefits of employing a professional security company, such as, following a few tips might save the horror of having to deal with a burglary yourself.

They say, ‘an Englishman’s home is his castle,’ but this is no good if he leaves his drawbridge down! Obvious though it sounds, ensure that all doors and windows are securely closed and locked when leaving your property. If a window even appears to be open, a thief may consider it to be worth a try, so take a look to see if any swollen woodwork or damaged plastic might give this impression.

Whilst it may be true that dense foliage around your property may make a handy hideaway for somebody up to no good (see, you may want to consider that a shallow, broad expanse of thorny shrubs is a considerable deterrent to a would-be burglar. It may not prick his conscience into following a more honest path, but it will be a thorn in his side if he is looking for an easy way into your house!

Not many of us relish nosey neighbours, but keeping an eye on each other’s property is a great way to deter undesirables, especially if you are going to be away. Visit the police website ( for advice on setting up a neighbourhood watch scheme and other useful tips. Remember that a thief is less likely to visit if your home looks occupied: there is a wide selection of inexpensive timers that can be fitted to lamps or radios to make it appear that you are in when you are not.

Smart paving may be attractive, but a burglar is less likely to walk up a noisy gravel path when it comes to the crunch! And it is relatively easy to fit motion-sensor lighting over your drive or patio: a thief will not want to find himself in the spotlight, especially if it means his next starring role will be in court!